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Boys are not required to submit photos. Haakinson also told the board she had updated the wording of the previous dress code because fashion has changed. The previous wording on no exposed midriff section was eliminated. After discussion, the school board agreed to maintain a prom dress code. Related Articles Kayakers body found in Winona County, but no kayak The prom rules have gone out to 11th- and 12-graders. Appropriate attire is required since prom is an official, formal school event, the Osakis High School prom letter reads, followed by suggestions for gentlemen for dress pants, dress shirt, sports coat and tie, or tuxedo, along with dress shoes and socks. Ladies, an acceptable prom dress is one that you would feel comfortable wearing to a formal event at school, the letter reads. Length of dresses must be lower than the fingertips when arms are held straight down at sides. Tennis shoes, sunglasses and baseball caps are not formal attire and are not acceptable. Prom is a privilege and not a right, stated the letter, which must be signed by the student and returned. Other stipulations were also noted in the letter, such as: All students attending prom must stay until the event ends at midnight.

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