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Going braless or wearing more relaxed styles has become a subtle but discernible finger up to the patriarchy, and Valentines marketing this year showed a discernible shift towards self-gifting in line with the feminist mood sweeping popular culture. View photos This screenshot, from WGSNs January report from INstock, shows the demand for a traditional underwire bra is down this year. (Photo: Courtesy WGSN) More And just as กระเป๋า แบรนด์ hi end WGSN isnt the only company to keep retailers on top of trends, social media isnt the only treasure trove for retailers searching for what shoppers want to buy. Online shopping site Polyvore tracks the items shoppers search for, then delivers that Polydata to fashion editors and its own social media channels. It also shares information on top-searched categories each season with retailers. (Disclosure: Polyvores parent company is Yahoo.) That search data can sometimes bring unexpected trends to the surface, influencingwhat you see in stores.Polyvore spokesperson Ellen Cohn reports it saw a surprising early spike in searches for swimwear in January, compared withthe same searches one year earlier. Specifically, searches for nude swimwear jumped 145 percent, high-leg one-piece swimsuits increased 99 percent, and neoprene swimsuits rose48 percent. Polyvore then sellsthat data to retailers, who may use it to influence how they stock their inventory in-store and online. Is data enough? Data is so important that major companies have done away with their creative heads altogether in favor of data-driven strategies. In 2015, struggling retailer Gap eliminated its creative-director positions across its companies, including its namesake brand and Banana Republic, going so far as to call itscreative directors false messiahs. Relying too intensely on data, however, isnt a be-all and end-all for retailers eager to convert customer preferences into sales.

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People walk past a large banner showing a portrait of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Taksim Square, Istanbul, 13 March The Dutch prime minister called the remarks a "vile falsification". Mark Rutte told the BBC Mr Erdogan was becoming "increasingly more hysterical hour by hour and I want him to... calm down". Why is Turkey holding a referendum? Turkey is furious at a decision by the Netherlands on Saturday to bar two Turkish ministers from addressing expatriates in the country ahead of กระเป๋า mango พร้อม ส่ง a referendum in Turkey. In retaliation, Turkey accused the Dutch of "Nazi" tactics, barred the Dutch ambassador from returning to Ankara, and suspended high-level relations with the Hague in a raft of diplomatic sanctions. On Tuesday, Turkey's deputy prime minister Numan Kurtulmus said the country may levy economic sanctions against the Netherlands as well. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini had called on Turkey to "refrain from excessive statements and actions that risk further exacerbating the situation", but her message appears to have had little effect. Turkey called the appeal "worthless".

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