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Shopping in stores is a misery. Can wine, yoga and storytelling make it fun again?

“The department stores now haven’t got a prayer of retaining customers’ affection. They fail to deliver what once made them famous.” Some, though, are trying to woo customers back. Nordstrom Local is the company’s latest retail concept and neighborhood hub. The service-focused store has no dedicated inventory; customers shop online with a personal stylist instead. ( Nordstrom ) Shoppers — especially millennials, and they are the shoppers of the future — actually like being with other people, and crave community . They want to feel special again, say retail experts, and to believe that leaving the comfort of their homes and the ability to shop in their pajamas is worth the trip. Fulfilling those desires is the driver behind a radical innovation that Nordstrom unveiled introduction of online shopping this fall. Nordstrom Local in Los Angeles offers a panoply of services: personal stylists, alterations, nail technicians, a juice bar, wine. What’s missing from the streamlined “showroom” is, well, stuff.

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It's Christmas dinner, and a relative is letting rip on Brexit. You don't agree and you're starting to get riled. How can you avoid another family row? You could try a Brexity joke, asking the host if sufficient progress online shopping clothes has been made on the starter to move on to the next phase of the meal. Or perhaps throw everyone by wondering aloud whether the turkey will be washed in chlorine in years to come. If this bombs (it probably will, let's face it), remind them of the Archbishop of Canterbury's call for a Christmas "ceasefire" from insults about Brexit. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionA "ceasefire" on insults is needed in arguments on Brexit, says Archbishop Justin Welby In that spirit, try one of the ready-made peace offerings in this article when the BBC asked Remain and Leave campaigners to suggest something positive about the other side. Select one as appropriate and watch everyone around the table relax. Hopefully. best online shopping websites alt="" width="250" align="left"/>

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