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Bob Quick, Damian Green Mr Green knew about the pornography all along: police had told his lawyers in 2008 and then discussed it with him in 2013. Only Mr Green can explain why he denied all knowledge of the material. Mr Hunt suggested on the Today programme, on BBC Radio 4, it was something "he didn't mean to say", but Mr Green said it twice, which indicates it was rather more than a slip of the tongue. His vehement protestations of innocence and counter-accusation against Bob Quick had the effect of ratcheting up the row when it might have served his interests better to dampen it down. Image caption Damian Green leaves his London house a day after standing down Neil Lewis, the detective who had inspected Mr Green's computers in 2008, was so angered at the minister's remarks that he contacted Mr Quick to offer support and made himself available to the Cabinet Office inquiry. The inquiry never contacted Mr Lewis to give evidence, fuelling his concerns that it would not be able to establish the full facts about the pornography and might result in a whitewash. As a result, the former police IT specialist later agreed to a broadcast interview. Mr Lewis's decision to speak out, together with Mr Quick's public statements, are now being investigated by the Information Commissioner, who will assess whether they broke data protection laws. A number of senior politicians and police officers believe the two men breached their duty to keep confidential information gleaned during the course of a police inquiry. But it is unclear if the pair, who claim they have acted in the public interest, have done anything illegal.

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