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FILE PHOTO - The U.S. consulate building is pictured after an attack in Istanbul, Turkey, August 10, 2015. REUTERS/Yagiz Karahan State orders family of employees in Istanbul to leave country FILE PHOTO - The U.S. consulate building is pictured after an attack in Istanbul, Turkey, August 10, 2015. REUTERS/Yagiz Karahan The U.S. State Department updated its travel warning on Turkey on Saturday, ordering family members of consulate employees in Istanbul to leave the country, citing threats against U.S. citizens. "The Department of State made this decision based on security information indicating extremist groups are continuing aggressive efforts to attack U.S. citizens in areas of Istanbul where they reside or frequent," the department said in a statement. The State Department said the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul remains open and said the order does not apply to any other U.S.

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So, Bass Pro with Cabela's,larger entity. I think they havea pretty bright future. But ultimately, on the investing side,Cabela's shareholders, there's not much to do at this point but see the deal go through. It'sexpected to close in the first half of next year. Next up, wehave our discussion of Costco. Before we dig into the companyfollowing its breakup with American Express, I wanted to thank Tommy John for supporting the show.Tommy John is revolutionizing men's underwear with a focus on fit, fabric, and function. Shirts that stay tucked, socks that stay up,and underwear that keeps everything in place, whichever way a man moves. It's funny that, when Iwas still wearing a suit everyday for work, I thought that all guys suffered togetherand were willing to put up with socks that would bunch up around your shoes every hour,having to retuck your shirt all the time. The Foolmight let me get away with more casual dress around the office,butafter having the opportunity to wearTommy John gear,I have seen the light. Think of it like a mattress. You invest in thatbecause you spend a third of your life sleeping.

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