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If youre not sure which site to trust, go to bbb.org and read online reviews first. 8. Unusual Forms of Payment: Be wary of anyone who asks you to pay for holiday purchases using prepaid debit cards, gift cards, wire transfers, third parties, etc. These payments cant be traced and undone. Use a credit card on a secure website (https-the extra s is for secure), and the lock symbol. 7. Santa Scammers: What better than a letter from Santa to light up your childs face? Many trusted companies offer charming and personalized letters from Santa, but scammers mimic them to get personal information from unsuspecting parents. Always check the websites privacy policies before entering any information to know how it will be used, if you dont see a policy then leave that website.

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Amri had used different identities to travel between German states, an unnamed investigator told the Bild newspaper, "but apparently there was never sufficient evidence to arrest him". Der Spiegel news weekly said security services had even heard Amri volunteer for a suicide attack -- but that he had used a phrase considered too obscure to stand up as evidence leading to an arrest. Amid the finger-pointing, debate is raging over whether Amri's case highlights incompetence or an overburdened security apparatus. Police say that a suspect's 24/7 phone and personal surveillance requires a rotating team of up to two dozen officers. German security services say they are keeping an eye on some 540 radical Islamists they consider potentially dangerous. - Deportation blocked - Amri arrived in Germany in July 2015 at a time when a historic influx of migrants and refugees was overwhelming authorities. His asylum request was rejected in June this year, but Amri couldn't be deported because he had no passport and Tunis denied he was a Tunisian citizen. Finally, the new Tunisian travel document arrived on Wednesday, two days after the attack, said Ralf Jaeger, interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, who added coolly that he preferred not to comment on the delay. Germany has repeatedly accused Tunisia and other North African states of stalling on the repatriation of their nationals from Germany. - Jailed in Italy - Adding to the troubling list of questions is the fact that Amri was known as a dangerous offender in Italy and was considered a threat by the United States.